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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pre-February Ponderings

   I cannot believe its almost February...tomorrow already, the first month of 2012 is gone. Where, in heaven's name, does time go? Funny that when you are waiting for something or when you are on the treadmill, time seems to stand still, but, enjoying yourself is over in a flash. Doesn't seem fair, does it? Oh, wait! Who ever said life was fair?
   February is a month that celebrates a large variety of foods, and has a "floating" holiday--Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins, and is celebrated by International Pancake Day, and depending on the calendar can fall in February or March. This year it is Tuesday, February 21, 2012. We all know, I hope, that it is also known as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday. Don't know if anyone cares, but it is also the last day of Epiphany, which began on January 6. Did not mean to get into a religious lesson, but I like to share tidbits of information I have picked up over the years...and there's a lot of tidbits to share.
    The food celebrations for the month of February start with Berry Fresh Month, and Celebration of Chocolate Month, which some of us would like to be every month, but let's not go there. Then there's Great American Pies Month and National Cherry Month, I guess because of George Washington's birthday on the 22nd, then it moves to National Fiber Focus Month and National Hot Breakfast Month, which somehow, to me, sound like they should go together. But then they throw in National Grapefruit Month and National Snack Food Month, which do not sound like they go together, but that's me. And then we close out with Potato Lover's Month and Sweet Potato Month. This list makes for a delicious, albeit short, month--oh, hey! its also a leap year so we have an extra celebration on the 29th with Surf and Turf Day. I guess one can only afford to splurge like that once every four years, so it seems fitting.
   Weekly celebrations can be--well unusual--at times. The first week of February is no exception. It is Shape up with Pickles Time--someone will have to fill me in on that theory, or maybe if I run out of things to do I will Google it. But probably not. The second week is more traditional being Great American Pizza Bake, Jell-O® Week and Kraut and Frankfurter Week. That's better, but I am not a fan of the frankfurter, although a Hebrew National®, Sabrett®, or Nathans® can entice me occasionally, and I only like my sauerkraut roasted with a loin of pork. Okay, so I am a frankfurter and kraut snob. I can live with that.
   There are no special celebrations for the third week of February, probably because most of the northern sections of the country are traditionally snowed in, so they didn't want to give those of us buried in the cold white stuff too much to deal with while shoveling. The fourth week is National Pancake Week and National Food Checkout week to focus on helping Americans learn how to stretch their grocery dollars with healthy, nutritious food and to recognize that America’s farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe, healthy and abundant food. Go AG!
   I won't go into each daily celebration here, this blog would go on much too long, but I will check in during the month about some of the daily celebrations I observe, or just care to comment on--yes, that does leave the door wide open, doesn't it? I will however, give you a head's up on some of the celebrations to come this month: February 5th is National Chocolate Fondue Day, try serving that for the Super Bowl party...NOT; February 14th is National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day; February 18th is Drink Wine Day; February 20th is National Margarita Day; February 27th is National Kahlua Day and; February 28th is National Chocolate Souffle Day. What fun this month is going to be!

We'll talk soon!

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