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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life sure can throw you some curves.

   Mid April brought much sadness to the life of this blogger. My father, 87 years old, succumbed to an illness he has had since 1982--not that he was horribly ill all this time, but he has been steadily failing for the last 12 years and this past 6 months have seen him become totally dependent on others for all of his care. It was becoming impossible to care for him at home, and he was waiting for an opening at the VA home--not that we wanted to put him there, but he needed more care than any of the family were equipped to provide. We lost him on April 16th, hours after the medical staff thought he would pass, but not before all of his family gathered in his MICU room in Stony Brook University Hospital. So, until we meet again, Dad, <3...
   Three days later, my sister's husband, who had stayed home in another state because he thought he had the flu, also passed. This one was sudden and quite unexpected. My family is numb. I can only shake my head in disbelief. How can this happen? I am sure this has happened before to some other family somewhere, and I can only say that anyone who survives back-to-back events like these have to have strong family ties and love to get through the pain. Only faith and love can see you through so deep a darkness.
    I am staying here on Long Island at my brothers for a few weeks to stay with Mom, while my brother heads down south to our sister's house. Mom cannot make the trip, right now, as she is not faring well physically. That she is not up to going to her daughter's is stressing her. It is a vicious circle. But one we believe we will rise above. We have to believe it.
    As I am not exactly thinking clearly I find my mind is blank as to what to post about cooking. I cannot think about cooking with all the food the neighbors have dropped at the door, or have had delivered. Heating things up is not exactly cooking, as I am sure my followers would surmise. So I plead for a temporary reprieve from the kitchen but promise I will be back soon.
    Don't ever pass on an opportunity to tell someone you love them, you just never know.

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