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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Should have named this blog "No Time"

   Here we are again, weeks since I have posted anything. I should have named this blog "No Time" because I seem to have no time to do anything anymore. Apparently the older you get the more you have to keep up with, the fast time elapses, giving you less and less time to accomplish more things. If that makes any sense. Scary that it does to me.
   In the vein of "no time" I was thinking about more shortcuts I could possibly post here to help all of you with dealing with this "no time" phenomenon. I came up with nothing, nada, zip, zero, nil, none. Oh, this is not good... My mind is a complete blank. However, someone very near and dear to me recently sent me an email telling me they looked on this blog to find a pie crust recipe. Oops, not here. I usually buy the premade ones from the dairy section at the grocery store--you know the ones that are rolled up in a tube and all you have to do is let them come to room temperature, unroll them into your pie plate, fill, cover, flute, and bake. That is very easy, but it is not homemade, which, as all of you know, I prefer.
   I responded apologetically that I do not "do" pie crusts, and you know what happened? My friend found a simple one pan recipe with no kneading and rolling and sent it back to me!  This blog is truly becoming a two-way street! Be still, my heart.
   So, in the spirit of shortcuts, sharing, and no-fuss-no-muss, I am trying out Himanee's shortcut pie crust find. I will post photos in a day or two, but for now, here are the instructions:

           For a 9-inch crust:
           1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
           2 teaspoons sugar
           1 teaspoon salt
           1/2 cup veg oil
           2 tablespoons milk. 

 Mix the dry ingredients together in the pan, then add the liquid and work it into a dough. Using your hands is not a problem since there is enough flour to absorb the oil without making a mess. No rolling necessary. Just pat it out with your hands. Bake it at 400 degrees for an hour and it's good to go (Gupta-Carlson).

  I plan on making my world-famous apple pie using this crust recipe, but I guess I will have to find a dutch crumb topping since this recipe is only for a bottom crust, but we will see what happens. This would work great for pumpkin pie that only uses a bottom crust, and alleviate having an un-matched pie crust from the package.


Gupta-Carlson, Himanee. Excerpted from a personal email on file with author. 2012.


Little Teacup said...

If you need more practice with the recipe, I could donate some rhubarb and strawberries to the cause and am available for taste testing. ;)

Aunt Barbara said...

That would be wonderful, Little Teacup, I am up for a group cooking session! or just company in the kitchen, You'll have to bring the strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe though, as that is not in my repertoire.-Aunt Barbara

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