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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Well, I'll be damned!

     You know, having this blog is a lot of fun, and sometimes it can be a lot of work, especially when you are working full time, trying to keep your household together and carry 16 credits all at the same time.
      One casualty with my schedule is now I only cook on weekends, mostly, and my husband, the Big Ed, as he has recently been dubbed, has taken over cooking the Monday through Friday or weekday meals. I have, however, also made something in the crock pot that I set up before I left for work, for the guys to have at dinnertime, but so far, that has been the exception, not the rule. One very cool thing has also occurred; the Big Ed has utilized this blog and made sweet and sour chicken following my directions. And he also taught me something, because, like me, he cannot leave well-enough alone.
     If you scroll back to my recipe for Sweet and Sour Pork (or Chicken) I use leftover cooked meat. Well, the Big guy, used fresh chicken tenders, cut up into 1"cubes, tossed into the batter and stir fried, then followed the rest of the recipe. They saved me a plate of it. It was awesome...and it made me smile to know that saving my recipes for posterity, or the use of my readers, is not in vain. Yeah, okay, it was my husband using the recipe, but I think that should tell you all something: the recipe worked for mid-level home cooks. The Big Ed is not a kitchen-newbie, but he still does not do the fancy-schmancy things I do, but he does pay attention, apparently.
   He told me that he impressed himself and he found the recipe was easy to follow and really did not require any advanced skills, just follow the directions, make sure the chicken is cooked and voile`!  Done and good and taste--eee!
     The cutest part of the story, however, is that #2 is spending a lot of time in the kitchen with his dad, and they are bonding while cooking the evening meal. How sweet. Something that I could not get done while I was home. Maybe I was in the way? Who cares?  Father and son are bonding, my recipes are being used and someone is reading this blog.
    All the ingredients for this blogger to be a happy camper!

Up next: Stuffed Peppers ala crock pot

See you all soon!

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