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Monday, November 7, 2011


    We've made it to November. I cannot understand when I was young I thought a year took FOREVER to go by; now, as an adult, time just flies by so fast, it almost seems impossible. Youth may be wasted on the young, but time? The older you get, the faster it goes.
   We never even covered all of the food celebrations for October, and now, since I have started taking classes again, I am not making any promises for covering all the celebrations for November, either.
   November starts out being Georgia Pecan Month; Good Nutrition Month; National Peanut Butter Lover's Month; National Pepper Month; Raisin Bread Month; and finally Vegan Month. Not as power-packed as October, but a nice variety, wouldn't you say?
   The first week is National Fig Week. The second week celebrates Split Pea Soup.There are no weekly celebrations for the third and fourth weeks, probably because we will be coming up to Thanksgiving, and with all the food we Americans traditionally prepare for this celebration of our blessings and family, what would the point be to use an entire week on just one food? Whomever designated these food celebrations was thinking!
    November 3rd was National Sandwich Day, and I posted that fact on Facebook, which started a conversation of favorite sandwiches. One of my friends, who shares wonderful recipes with me, posted that her favorite sandwich was Beef on Wick. I had to ask what Wick was, as I never heard of it. My friend replied with an internet link on the sandwich and the Kummelweck roll that makes this roast beef sandwich so special' it also is called beef on Weck.
    Kummelweck rolls are similar to kaiser rolls, but are shaped differently and topped with a salt-caraway seed mixture. The sandwich is a traditional sandwich from Buffalo, NY. Apparently Buffalo is not just known for its wings. Who knew? Probably people from Buffalo.
   I ended up making the Kummelweck rolls from the recipe my friend sent. Although they seemed to look like the pictures I've seen, I, personally was not impressed. Next time I try to make them I am not going to make them only 2 ounce pieces of dough. I would have preferred if they were bigger, like twice as big as they came out. I do not know if I messed up, as I have never had them before. I will try them again, just making them larger.
      I had made a roast beef on Sunday for dinner, well, hubby made the beef, I made all the sides, but we had leftover roast beef, and it was delightfully rare. Hubby lubed up the commercial slicer we have in the kitchen (thank you, Grandma!) and sliced the beef extra thin. I even made homemade horseradish, which also needs some tweaking, but overall, it was not a bad attempt at beef on weck.