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Saturday, April 27, 2013

End in sight!

     Hello, food-fans! The end of the heaviest semester of classes I have ever taken is in sight! One more week and then I am done until September, for what I am hoping will be my last semester---of course, I am toying with the idea of going for a Master's, but the jury is still out for that.
   This semester has taught me many many things, both in the classroom, and out. I have learned some lessons the hard way. Some have even shocked me, rocked me to the core. But in the quest for knowledge one must be open to an education from any source. The wounds are sure to heal; the scars will remain with me always.  Life goes on, and this too, shall pass.
    So what have I learned in the food category? That although my husband of 24 years and I like many of the same foods, and our preparations share many elements, when it comes down to it, each person has their own take, or version; their own touch; their own spice that flavors the food they prepare.  The Big E has followed many of my recipes from this blog, yet they taste different than when I make them. He uses the same ingredients, the same steps and techniques, yet the final product is just different. Certain of his preparations I prefer, others, not so much. I am sure he feels the same way. Actually, I know he feels the same way, because now I understand why he goes into the kitchen and returns to the dining room table with different spices and "doctors" my dishes. He wants to bring out a different taste than I have brought to the table. I get it now. I should not be offended, as I usually am. His tastes are merely different than mine. He sees through his own lens, and has his taste buds looking for his preferred taste.
     Why didn't he just tell me? Probably because he doesn't understand it, either. But now that I do, there will be less rolling of my eyes or getting ticked because he always has to "fix" what I prepare. I have found myself doing the same thing. Who knew?
     Since today is Saturday it is my turn to cook dinner, once again. I really do miss cooking all week, although at the beginning it was a welcomed reprieve from the daily drudgery. I chuckled to myself when speaking to the Big E over the phone this morning he told me what was on sale at the grocery store, and made a point-blank suggestion of what I should cook tonight. I did not balk. He wants boneless ribs--boneless ribs it will be. Saved me from wracking my brain trying to figure out what to make.
     I rubbed the ribs with a concoction of salt, brown sugar and maple syrup. Let it dry and then spread it on the ribs. Put it in a slow oven  (250 degrees) uncovered for about an hour and half; turned the ribs spread the concoction on the other side and back in the oven for another hour. Then slathered them with some Sweet Baby Rays and put them back in at 350 to glaze.
      I scrubbed a bunch of russet potatoes, cut them into wedges. then I mixed olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and parsley and diced up a large onion, tossing all in a sprayed ceramic dish. Covered them with foil, and after an hour, stirred the whole kit n caboodle, and then left the cover off to brown them up. They smell divine.
      I grabbed a bag of imported green beans--really? Imported green beans? Who knew? And yes, I will micro-nuke them because I am lazy--even when I only cook on the weekends. I even grabbed some ice cream--oh, correction: frozen dairy dessert. Really? Frozen dairy dessert? I am going to have to look more into what that is all about. But the Big E has been missing his sweet-fix in the evenings, or so he has told me-I am not usually here in the evenings.
   So dinner is just about ready, but I wanted to check in with you to let you know that I am still hanging around and although I am relegated to weekends-only cooking I still do cook!
   Until next time....